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I My Me Mine♥

Monday, 23 January 2012 ♥
:: without words :: ♥ 00:43

i shouldn't have done that
i should have pretend not to know
like i can't see it
like i couldn't see it
i shouldn't have to look at you in the first place
i should have run away
i should have pretended i wasn't listening
like i didn't hear it
like i couldn't hear it
i shouldn't have heard ur love in the first place

without a word, u made me know what love is
without a word, u gave me your love
made me fill myself with ur every breath
then u ran away
without a word, u leave me
without a word, love abandons me
wondering what to say next
my lips were surprised
because it came without word

why does it hurt so much?
why does it hurt continuously?
except for the fact i can't see u anymore
n that u not here anymore
otherwise, it'll be just the same like before

without a word, tears start falling down
without a word, my heart is broken
without a word, i waited for the love
withou a word, love hurts me
i've become transparent
i've become a fool
and i cry just by looking at the sky
without a word, seperation finds me
without a word, the end comes to me
it took my heart by surprise
to send u away unexpectedly

without a word, love appears
without a word, love vanishes 
like a fever i'd had 
maybe all i have to do is hurt for a while
because in the end, the only thing that remains are scars

Nurieyn ♥
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Nurieyn Mohd
Just call me Nurieyn or Ain.
Born at 1993
I'm just the girl try to find a place in this world ♥ ♥ ♥

A very random & hyper girl who
cannot be alone ♥

I am very Sensitive person.
I really like Photography.

Music is my life.
Dancing is my passion.

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is what i adores most.
They are my SuperGirlf.

Korean Artist
they all make me go carzy
(they're so cute!)

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are part of my favourites.

Shopping sprees
with my girlfriends are times when we
can crap together.

When she's out with her Supergirlfs or
when she has nothing to do at home.

Mummy,Daddy & Sibling
are the beloved families of mine.

Dark Chocolates
is my choice chocolate.
More bitterness, less sweetness please (:

Beloved Darling
He's of course, who i love.
More sweetness for this please (:
Boyf, i love you

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- Gain weight!
- Skin Of The Day
- Get over you?
- Electric blue/cardigan!
- My Dream's Beg
- Be with you ♥
- More outings with my classmate!
- New pair of shoes & boots
- No gain Height
- Increase my Tudung collections!
- More Jeans!
- Black Eyeliner!
- More friend!
- Happiness!

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