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I My Me Mine♥

Saturday, 17 September 2011 ♥
**what should i do ♥ 12:18

You ask me how my day was as if it is same everyday
I say that I'm okay but you really don't know how I feel
Do you think I will be okay without you?
Will you be okay without me?
It is really hard to live in this world without you
That is why I blame myself for still loving u

What should I do? 
Even now, I live these painful days because of what you said
Tell me if this is a bad thing to do
Do you live every single day painfully like me?

Are we too late? Do not we have a chance?
I still think about you and you might know this
Is it finally this? Are we going to end up like this?
 Is it okay with you?I don't think I can do it. 
The love that I found by meeting you, 
I wont find it anywhere else even if I die

What should I do? 
If it isn't you, no one else can be in my heart
Please hold me. 
And you know that even though the whole world would try
No one can erase your memories. 
So please hold me.

Is it too late? Do not we have a chance?
But me, I still think about you, 
and you might not know it.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011 ♥
**tips ♥ 13:04

Assalamualaikum :: Hello :: Anyeong :: =) hurm..hari ni nak share ngan pembaca blog saya nie tentang tips tentang kulit muka..hehe...kebanyakan kulit muka orang korea cantik kan? btul tak? hari tu ada tertengok dekat TV, artis2 korea dedah cara diaorang jaga muka...ada 2 tips...

First :: berapa lama masa yang korang ambik untuk pakai krim muka selepas guna pencuci muka? mesti lama kan? sebabnya..pencuci muka dalam toilet..nak jalan2 lagi masuk bilik..nak lap badan or pakai baju lagi..lepas tu baru korang pakai krim muka kan? btul tak..? semua itu mengambil masa selama 15 minit kot...lebih kurang macam tu la...sebenarnya masa yang btul untuk pakai krim muka ialah lebih kurang 10 saat selepas korang cuci muka...tak semestinya kena berlari pergi ambik krim muka...untuk menyenangkan, korang letakkan krim muka dalam bilik mandi..krim muka patut diletakkan di tempat yang lembap..so bilik mandi la yang paling sesuai...lepas je cuci muka..korang lap muka dengan towel..lap dengan lembut jgn terlalu kasar..then pakai krim muka..

**kebanyakan artis korea jadikan bilik mandi sebagai bilik make up..

tips pertama berkaitan dengan kelembapan..selepas kita mencuci muka, liang2 di muka akan terbuka dalam waktu yg singkat..so kalo korang mengambil mase yg lama nk pakai krim muka..liang2 tersebut dah tertutup..try la tips first tu...muka akan rase segar...=)

Second :: yang ni simple jer...Suzy Miss A dedahkan rahsia macam mane dia jaga kulit muka...
Suzy kata mase dia cuci muka, dia gosok muka dia dalam mase yg lama...paling lame 10 minute...kalau ada jerawat, dia akan gosok area yang ada jerawat dengan lebih lama..thats it !! simple jer...try la.. memang mujarab...

gunakan dua2 kaedah di atas..perhatikan muka anda..pasti ada perubahan...walaupun cikit je perubahan tapi cuba amalkan setiap hari..memang Deabak !!! sikit-sikit lama lama jadi bukit.. =) 


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